We only make digital products and services. That’s it.

1. Design and build

Teamwork, talent, determination and passion for all things web are what allow us to design and build great digital products and services.

Here’s a site we built, and here’s another, and here’s an open source tool we built.

2. Product/service strategy

We help you define and shape your product/service. Whether you’ve got a bundle of ideas that you’re looking to turn in to a fully fledged digital product or service, or have a general direction you want to go in, we can help you qualify, test and shape a robust and clear strategy to realise your goals.

Actionable and flexible strategies are what we love to do, get in touch at newbiz at goingbold dot co dot uk to find out more.

3. User research

Never assume.

Great digital products/services are tried and tested (and often broken) by real people, in real scenarios. Not by doing things based on assumption.

We can help you ensure the insights needed to shape a great digital product or service are front and centre from concept right through to deployment.

4. Analytics and optimisation

Iteration doesn’t stop after you’ve shipped. Analytics play a vital role in informing decisions and actively optimising the user experience.

Digital products and services are fluid and dynamic, and the best are constantly being optimised.



If you’re looking to try smart new ideas in the digital media space, reach out at newbiz at goingbold dot co dot uk.