Welcome to a JAMVP

1st May, 2018

by Shaun Jenkins

Ta-da! After over a year of saying “hhmm, maybe we should build a new goingbold.co.uk”, here we are!

Ehem, so it’s uhh well umm 2 pages (well, a post and a page), and uum doesn’t have a menu (because it only has 2 pages obvs). So welcome to a JAMVP (just about minimum viable product).

One of our goals this year was to launch a commercial WordPress theme, one that was really flexible and helped folks achieve something. Say hello to Campaign Pro, a campaign-centric WordPress theme jam-packed with features to help folks engage with their audience.

And then we started thinking, if we’ve built Campaign Pro for others, why not use it ourselves, so we are, from today, we’re running our own theme right here, on Going Bold. This is pretty exciting for us, firstly, because we’d had ideas for a re-build of Going Bold for quite some time, here’s a beta that we started building:

The Going Bold beta site, designed, (partially) developed, and not quite ready to rumble
Image Caption: The Going Bold beta site, designed, (partially) developed, and not quite ready to rumble

As you can see, the design of the homepage was pretty much there, all we needed to do was flesh out the child page templates (which wouldn’t have been too different from the image above as we’re suckers for minimalism). But squeezing in development time between client work and Campaign Pro was proving a little tricky.

We didn’t set out to use Campaign Pro ourselves on Going Bold, but as we were developing it, and falling more and more in love with a WYSIWYG editor so simple, anyone could use, we saw so many opportunities.

We’re quite literally iterating our site in the open, starting with just one page and one post, and going from there.

We’ve got a few bits to add (a gdpr privacy policy for one), but we’re looking forward to using Campaign Pro everyday ourselves.